All Guest Rooms, Bathrooms and a Dining Room are

 on the Second Floor.

 Our Guests need to walk up and down Stairs.

 Breakfast is provided.

 ★Free Wireless Internet access

 Fridge, Microwave, Toaster, Electric Kettle,

     Tableware are at Guest's Dining Room. 

*June to September*  (Tax Included)   


 CA$95/One Person/One Room 

 CA$180/Two People/One Room     

 Free to use bicycles

*October and November*  (Tax Included)


 CA$240/One Room (up to 2 People) 


 CA$720/One Group (up to 6 People)   

★Please contact us for the Peak Season Rates

    from October 25th to November 10th.

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